Snowshoe around Crater Lake

Crater Lake National Park receives an average of 44 feet of snow every year. During the winter, trails and unplowed roads provide skiers and snowshoers with access to open slopes, dense forests and breathtaking views, making Crater Lake ideal for both day-trippers and backcountry visitors.

For those desiring a winter backcountry adventure in a spectacular setting, skiing around Crater Lake on the unplowed Rim Drive is an unforgettable experience. The trip is 30 miles long and typically requires three or four days, longer on snowshoes.

Although a trip in either direction is possible, most people start at Rim Village and proceed clockwise around the lake to Park Headquarters, with a net loss of 700 feet of elevation. For groups with only one car, the Raven Trail offers a connection between Park Headquarters and Rim Village.

  • Seasonal availability – winter
  • Fee required
  • Access requires 4-wheel-drive vehicle

A place for Refuge and Recreation

The Central Cascades has seven themes that help to define the character of the region. This location is an example of A place for Refuge and Recreation. Here are more locations that exemplify this theme:

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