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Enjoy Insights into the Rich Culture and Natural Wonders of the Central Cascades…From the People Who Live Here

The sheer beauty and grandeur of the Central Cascades of Oregon and Washington will make any visitor give pause. But the many stories resting in the region’s foothills, high desert and mountain communities will inspire you to linger and explore. The National Geographic Society has collaborated with community members of the Central Cascades to illuminate the places and experiences that residents think are special. Some of the special qualities that define the Central Cascades are explored below.

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  1. Morton Loggers’ Jubilee

    The “Granddaddy of all Logging Shows” celebrates and preserves the heritage of the days of the springboard and the axe.  The first Loggers’ Jubilee began in 1937 or 1938 as a friendly competition between local men whose livelihood was the always strenuous and sometimes hazardous…

    Location: Morton, WA 98356
  2. Gilchrist

    The pine forests of Central Oregon are what brought the Gilchrist Timber Company to the area. In April 1938 an architect drew up the plans for the town of Gilchrist. The mill and 60-acre pond was constructed to hold logs for the original sawmill on…

    Location: Gilchrist, OR 97737
  3. Bridge of the Gods

    If the fiery volcanoes and mighty Columbia River are the heart and soul of the Central Cascades, it is the Bridge of the Gods that connects the two.  There are actually three bridges – one of myth, one geologic and the present-day cantilevered metal span. …

    Location: Cascade Locks, OR
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If you’re new the region, here are seven themes that will help you get to know the Central Cascades of Oregon and Washington.

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