Goat Rocks Wilderness — Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Hike the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail through this rugged, high alpine terrain named for the many mountain goats that reside here.  A U.S. Wilderness Area first recognized in 1931, is actually part of an ancient volcano, eroded over time. Today, Gilbert Peak and Old Snowy Mountain are the highest points at an average of 8,000 feet with has four glacial areas.

The Goat Creek Wilderness area offers hiking, wildlife watching, camping, and rock climbing for the outdoor enthusiast. The US Forest Service is designated to protect the wild character of this area while allowing public use and enjoyment.

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Adventurous Spirits

The Central Cascades has seven themes that help to define the character of the region. This location is an example of Adventurous Spirits. Here are more locations that exemplify this theme:

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