Zero Clearance Theater Company

  • 47674 School St., Oakridge, OR 97463

Zero Clearance is a community theater company in Oakridge that was formed in 1994. Since the establishment of a nonprofit support group, Friends Of Theater and Arts, in 1998, the theater has stayed in the black. Using only local performers, and staging both published and original works, this local troupe provides artistic opportunities for both supporters and actors. Local high school students often take parts in the productions. Works of local artists are usually featured in the lobby. Local artists also work on sets, props and costumes.

Community theaters are not only local attractions, but also national and regional treasures. Local audiences enjoy the experience of seeing their friends and neighbors in unexpected roles, while visitors can appreciate the creativity of a unique community. Zero Clearance maintains a mailing list of visitors, and enjoys the regular patronage of out-of-towners. Productions are also announced in regional media.

  • Seasonal performance schedule
  • ADA accessible
  • Fee required
  • Visitor center nearby

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