Zenger Farm

Zenger Farm is a nonprofit organization committed to sustainable food systems, community economic development and environmental stewardship.  Located on a 6-acre organic farm with a 10-acre wetland, Zenger Farm provides a wide variety of educational programs and service learning opportunities related to food and farming, healthy eating and watershed protection.

3,000+ Portland students visit Zenger Farm each school year, learning where food comes from and the importance of healthy eating.  Educational activities are interactive and focus on topics such as planting, harvesting and preparing fresh foods, as well as composting, conservation and wildlife viewing.  Through operation of a small farm business, Zenger Farm demonstrates sustainable agriculture and provides hands-on training for citizens interested in learning how to raise food on their own properties, including care and pruning of fruit trees, keeping chickens for egg production, beekeeping and production of honey, and use of worm-bins for composting.

  • ADA accessible
  • Trained guides available

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