Yamsi Ranch

Yamsi Ranch is one of Oregon’s premier fly-fishing destination, but it is also a working cattle ranch that has found a way to use cattle management as a tool for conservation.  The world wants accountability from the caretakers of such a wonderful place as Yamsi. Many conservation awards have been given to the Hyde family for restoring the river banks and replanting many thousands of pine and willow trees on the land. Cattle are managed in such a way to aid in restoring the land.  One philosophy of the Yamsi ranch is to strive for a world-class fishery in harmony with the environment, the people and the animals.

Yamsi is also home to an assortment of wildlife and flora, and is managed holistically. Timber, grasses and cattle are managed with the whole in mind. Habitat for fish and wildlife are an important consideration for management. Wormers for cattle and chemicals of any sort are kept to a minimum if used at all.  The ranch cattle are marketed through a cooperative known as “Country Natural Beef” in various natural food markets.

  • Seasonal availability, April – November
  • Located on private land

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