Woodpecker Wonderland Festival

The Woodpecker Wonderland Festival showcases the upper Metolius River basin, where 11 woodpecker species breed in the highest concentration among this charismatic bird family anywhere in North America. Dozens of woodpecker nests can be found and easily observed each summer, and 8 of the 11 species remain in the region throughout the year. At the heart of Woodpecker Wonderland, the forest community of Camp Sherman serves as the staging ground for the historic Santiam Wagon Road and the Metolius-Windigo trail, both of which guided the region’s earliest travelers. The annual woodpecker festival kicks off the summer season of outdoor recreational activities in the Central Cascades, attracting nature enthusiasts from across the continent to experience all of the region’s natural wonders.

All activities associated with the woodpecker festival highlight the natural history, ecology and conservation of the region’s habitat and species diversity. Evening presentations feature carefully selected local and national experts in the fields of biology and the environment. Tour leaders facilitate discussions of forest ecology and the keystone roles of the region’s woodpeckers while visiting different species’ respective habitats. Funds raised from event fees and major donors directly support the East Cascades Bird Conservancy. The festival instills a conservation ethic to the broad and growing constituency of recreational birders across the continent through an easily accessible, affordable nature experience.

  • ADA accessible
  • Fees required for some activities
  • Trained guides available
  • Located on both public and private land

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