West Coast Juniper

West Coast Juniper and its showroom, The StoneWood Gallery, maintain a portfolio of expertly crafted juniper log furniture and lumber products for a variety of uses.  Using renewable, recyclable and sustainable local resources, 90% of all the products are made from Western Juniper. The logs used for the products and lumber come from rangeland restoration, watershed restoration or forest improvement logging sites. For years private landowners, BLM and the U.S. Forest Service have been removing juniper trees, placing them in piles for burning. Through WCJ’s efforts these logs are now being transformed into useful products.

A mature juniper tree can consume 40 gallons of water a day.  On the “dry side” of the Central Cascades, the exploding growth of juniper threatens the viability of farm and ranch lands and jeopardizes important habitat. West Coast Juniper is an example of a business idea that creates jobs, restore the environment and helps preserve the working landscapes upon which so many families in the Cascades depend.


  • Located on private land

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