Wapiti Woolies

Wapiti Woolies was one of the original building in the community of Greenwater and built in 1915. In 1978 after a devastating flood it was moved to its current location and rebuilt to restore the original historical character of the building. It remains a treasure to the historic Cascadian architecture of the Central Cascades. It is a hub of local knowledge and information for locals and summer visitors to the Mount Rainier area. They provide books, maps and local inside knowledge for hiking, biking and various outdoor activities as well as auto tours and local interests.

Wapiti Woolies also makes knitted wool hats on site. Famous climbers from around the world are equipped with these fine hats and pictures of them on all the highest summits of the world are on display in the shop. You can pick a hat from the racks in the store or order a one-of-a-kind original and have it shipped to your home.

  • Located on Private Land

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