Tired Dog Ranch

Tired Dog Ranch is your getaway from the dog-eat-dog world, even if you walk on two legs. Chase your tail in the apple orchard, gnaw on a good bone in the pasture, or howl at the moon in the meadow. If you’re dog-tired, you can just sleep the day away or wake up your inner puppy in the meadows and woods. Teach an old dog new tricks in the pole barn or open-air longhouse with classes, retreats and large pack gatherings.

Nestled on the edge of the Willamette National Forest, Tired Dog Ranch offers you miles and miles of trails to hike, bike and bark up plenty of trees.

Gray Creek runs through the property and offers paw-cooling, rock-skipping, crawdadding and skinny-dipping!  Tired Dog Ranch backs up to Willamette National Forest on three sides, and Larison Rock Trail (hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding) can be reached from this property.  The owners raise free-range organic chickens and make their own natural goat-milk soaps, buttermilk bath, bath salts and delicious cocoa bath, and harvest their own wood for heat.  You may be greeted daily by bald eagles flying overhead, golden eagles begging for a free-range duck, coyotes who come and go as they please, black bear who like the apple orchard, and too many other wild animals to mention.  The flora and fauna are immeasurable and breathtaking.  The ranch offers horse camping, tent and RV camping, outdoor composting toilets, outdoor solar-heated showers, a campers’ kitchen, and cottage/yurt rentals. 

  • Located on private land
  • Visitor center nearby
  • Fee required

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