U.S. Cavalry and American Indian Museum

The museum covers the history of the U.S. Cavalry from 1861 to 1943 – the horse-riding soldiers of America and their dress, accoutrements, weaponry and saddles, as well as the American Indians and their daily life, spirituality, matriarchal society, tools, clothing, baskets, pottery and the diversity – from the East Coast Indians to the native people of the Pacific Northwest. The grounds have trails and ponds, and you might see hawks, great blue herons, geese, ducks, goldfinches,  towhees and woodpeckers in the morning, and the evening spot deer, elk, fox and bear.  Activities include lectures, re-enactments, pow-wows, festivals and rendezvous. You can arrange private lectures and guided tours with an advance appointment.

  • Guided tours available
  • Located on private land

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