Oregon Garden

The Oregon Garden offers a lovely botanical garden experience set in the historic town of Silverton. The Garden offers monthly events, horticultural and ecological education for children, and a lush habitat for wildlife. Wetland cells offer a haven for a multitude of wildlife and an exceptional bird-viewing area for bird-watchers. The grounds include a Children’s Garden, Market (Food) Garden, Conifer Garden, Sensory Garden and much more. A Garden-themed resort abuts the property. The Oregon Gardens are just 20 minutes from Silver Falls State Park.

The Oregon Garden is irrigated with treated wastewater from the city of Silverton. Wetland cells cool and filter the water as well as provide habitat for wildlife. On-site demonstrations include composting, green roofs, vegetable gardening and forestry. Grade-school programs for state schools educate 3rd-graders and 5th-graders on horticulture, wildlife habitat and forest preservation. The Garden is a nonprofit that depends on donations and volunteers.

  • Guided tours available
  • Interpretive signage
  • Visitor center
  • Fee required
  • Located on private land

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