Stevenson is the only city actually on the river waterfront in the National Scenic Area. The Stevenson Waterfront is “in the mountains” yet very accessible by car and only 40 minutes from Portland yet a world away.  Stevenson Landing at the Waterfront is home to visiting tour boats–the pier area was the site of commerce and travel between Washington and Oregon in the Central Gorge before roads and autos were readily available. Here you can take in rich waterfront experiences such as community events in Teo Park, watch wind surfers and kiteboarders (here for world renown consistent wind conditions), kayakers, outrigger canoe racing, fishers, or participate in these and other water sports.

View wildlife such as eagles, herons, other birds, the occasional fish jumping, or deer visiting.  The area bursts forth in the spring through fall with native and cultivated vegetation.  Winter brings breath-taking Alps-like scenery. A stay at a waterfront bed and breakfast and dining at one of several eateries within walking distance is an excellent getaway from city life.

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