Prospect Hillbilly Timber Carnival and Jamboree

The Prospect Hillbilly Timber Carnival and Jamboree is one of the few timber festivals still in existence in the United States. For more than 50 year, the festival has provided people from all walks of life the opportunity to discover the history surrounding Oregon’s logging industry as well as the challenges and dangers it entailed.  The Jamboree also gives attendees a chance to explore the local heritage, enjoy historical crafting from the area and delight their tastebuds with good old-fashioned cooking from local vendors.  All the while the children can be enjoying the carnival by playing games, eating hot dogs and cotton candy, and chasing greased pigs.

The logging industry has long been a primary source of income, industry and life for much of Oregon.  The history of this industry has changed over the years and given way to mechanization, as many industries have. This timber festival is preserving the history of this industry, which had such a distinct impact on the area and in making it what it is today.

  • Event held annually, third week of August
  • Fee required

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