Pioneer – Indian Museum

This museum is a treasure of historical artifacts, and the information these people have labored decades to preserve for future generations is stunning. The museum  is a fascinating place to spend an afternoon browsing; the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. There are artifacts of the pioneer and Indian era and the Applegate Trail crossing, as well as displays of life in subsequent decades. The publications may be the most precious things housed here; members have collaborated to write a book every year for decades and the information, the history, the memories are absolutely priceless, especially since so many of the authors have now passed away. Research and restoration projects are ongoing, and the grounds include historic buildings and a lovely memorial garden.

The publications are available to purchase at a very reasonable cost, and of course donations are welcome; all proceeds go to support ongoing research and upkeep of the museum. The Historical Society is also very involved in the community and is highly effective in both preserving the historical aspects and promoting the sustainability of the City of Canyonville.

  • Trained guides available
  • Interpretive signage
  • Visitor center on site

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