Osprey Observation Point – Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway

An artificial lake made in 1929 for irrigation purposes, Crane Prairie Reservoir is outstanding for fishing and an important breeding ground for the osprey (fish hawk). Osprey were identified as a potentially endangered species in 1969. Osprey are active at Crane Prairie and surrounding lakes and streams during their migratory stay (May to October). From the parking lot, a short walk takes you to an observation area on the west side of the reservoir. Here you can view snags and artificial nesting poles inhabited by the birds. Many visitors are entertained as osprey dive for fish from more than a hundred feet above the water. Also likely to be present are cormorants, terns, a variety of ducks and bald eagles.

  • Seasonal access, May to October
  • Interpretive signage
  • Visitor center nearby

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