Oregon Trail Quilt Show

This annual festival was established  to educate the public to appreciate the heritage of our fabric arts, particularly quilts. The event allows people to retreat back into their memories and remember the past as it relates to something as simple as a quilt; these handmade works of art, although originally utilitarian, represent the heritage of not only an individual’s family, but their community, their town, etc., and maybe even a particular event.

Each quilt on display has a written story to go with it, which greatly assists in emphasizing the importance of both preservation of these items and the oral histories that accompany them.  The event also celebrates these historical artifacts through music and storytelling.  People are surprised to discover so many quilts in one small place along the historic Oregon Trail. Although Oregon Trail quilts are featured, we also exhibit those that relate to other histories, like slavery, the underground railroad, the Civil and Revolutionary wars, the Great Depression and those from immigrants coming to America. All of this is situated in a living-history village surrounded by the rich natural environment that brought people westward.

  • Event held annually on a July weekend
  • Located on private land

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