Oregon Trail Christmas Village

The Oregon Trail Christmas Village helps preserve the historical events surrounding the attempted, but failed, crossing of covered wagons in 1845 by Samuel Kimbrough Barlow and his party. Steeped in near-tragedy, the events surrounding this important circumstance have almost been forgotten, so locals created an annual event to remember what happened, as well as what happened to other historical figures like Lewis & Clark and Adolf Aschoff (Mount Hood’s first forest ranger).  An incident involving a dairy cow and a pioneer family, and a story about a Christmas doll and its meaning to two girls from two Mount Hood families, one rich and one poor, are shared with visitors in the Living History Village’s storytelling lodge at the Oregon Country Settlement. Volunteers offer historic music, traditional caroling, a visit from Old Saint Nick and more.

This event preserves the history of the old Oregon country as it relates to the holiday season. A living-history village, located along the Oregon Trail, [known as the Barlow Trail as it crossed over Mount Hood] comes to life with holiday festivities and worthwhile Oregon traditions. Decorated in a frontier style, costumed interpretors guide visitors through the collection of buildings that make up this unique settlement, and hear the stories of Lewis & Clark, American Indians, westward-bound immigrants, pioneer settlers and others whose lives were impacted during this special time of year.

  • Event held annually, first weekend in December
  • Guided tours available

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