Mount St. Helens Visitor Center

Built in the architectural mode known as Cascade style, the Silver Lake visitor center won a design award from President Ronald Reagan in 1988. Its large windows and sweeping, upward lines contribute to the feeling of magnificence surrounding the mountain.

Inside, visitors may enjoy a variety of interpretive displays that set the scene for all the visitor centers at Mount St. Helen’s. There are comprehensive presentations on the cultural and historical significance of the area, a chronology of events leading up to the volcanic blast on May 18, 1980.  Outdoors, visitors can explore Silver Lake via a mile-long trail, including boardwalks over wetlands where a variety of migratory waterfowl may be viewed at different times of the year. This trail is part of Audubon’s Great Washington Bird trail southwest loop.

  • ADA Accessible
  • Fee Required
  • Interpretive Signage
  • Trained Guides/Guided Tours/Self-Guided Tours Available
  • Visitor Center on Site

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