Morning Star Gardens

Morning Star Farms in the the Applegate Valley has the largest  variety of heirloom apples in Southern Oregon.    Owner JD Rogers has apple trees that are not available commercially, some dating back to the 1500s, from all parts of the world.  He now grafts onto purchased  root stock from his most hardy and productive trees, then raises them as a crop for at least 18 months, after which time he either sells or gives away the heirloom trees.  The vision is to keep the trees from extinction, and Rogers is familiar with the history of every tree.  He also demonstrates how to taste the complexity of flavors in each heirloom apple, just as one learns how to taste fine wine.

The entire “Morning Star Gardens”  operation recycles itself.  Rogers raises all his own vegetables and poultry.  Leftover vegetables are fed to the poultry, poultry waste is aged and used for the gardens, and the poultry range free in the orchard and eat bugs.  Rogers gardens 100% organically.  He built up the very rocky soil using truckloads of carrot pulp, tofu waste, etc., a very unique approach.  His visiting gardens are free and open to the public.  His gardens have incorporated many recycled materials and have been featured in many local magazines.  The  gardens, orchard and  the 1917 Swedish-style  log  house have been used as part of local fundraisers.

  • Guided tours available
  • Located on private land

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