Moonlight Canoe Tours

Canoeing the Upper Klamath Canoe Trails is spectacular by day – experiencing it under the light of a full moon is an opportunity to awaken your senses.  Drink in the landscape at dusk as you paddle out into a magical world of water, tules, birds and wildlife.  As the sun dips beyond the Cascades your hearing awakens as your ears pick up the sounds of marsh birds and the local “night life.”  Canoeists circle up in view of several beaver lodges and watch as a magnificent moon rises, and then paddle back under its bright light.

Guided canoe tours are a low-impact and environmentally friendly way to enjoy the Upper Klamath Marsh. Many people enjoying this tour have never been introduced to the joy of bird-watching and wildlife viewing or canoeing.  The tours provide an opportunity to learn about the environment around us, why marshlands are important bird and fish habitat, and how they act as a natural water filter.  Typically once visitors learn why marshlands are important they become better stewards of the environment as a whole.

  • Seasonal availability, May to September
  • Guided tours available
  • Fee required

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