• 47772 Hwy 58, Oakridge, OR 97463

McGillicuddy’s is a family-owned and operated dining establishment located on Highway 58 in Oakridge. It is distinguished by a huge bugling elk on the west side of the building. The establishment was built in 1950 and housed several businesses over the years, including an old thrift store. The coffee is locally roasted and the food homemade and fresh. McGillicuddy’s is one of the last places in America that does not accept credit/debit cards!

The owners, Bill and Janet DuMont, and daughter, Jana Howery, are long-time residents of Oakridge. They have kept the building and all the original fixtures intact, giving the impression of an old-time eatery. The shelves are filled with local artisans’ wares and consignment items from some of the locals. You can even buy a cool pair of shoes at McGillicuddy’s! This is a local establishment where you can get a unique feel for the area’s people and hear the news of current and upcoming events in the surrounding communities. Many who stop remember their first impression of McGillicuddy’s and return because of the great coffee and reasonably priced food.

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