Lubbesmeyer Studio and Gallery

  • 450 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 423 (2nd Story Loft), Bend, OR 97702
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The Lubbesmeyer twins, Lori and Lisa, create unusual art in an unusual way.  Their work resembles painting, but they use fabric instead of paint.  Bits of fabric are stitched onto the work much like layers of brushstrokes.  Their medium is striking and uncommon, but more extraordinary is their method of collaboration.  The twins alternate working on each piece – each independently applying a new layer before passing it to her twin.  Pieces are passed back and forth until both twins feel the work is completed.  The twins’ sensitivity to each other and the subject fills each piece with emotion and a story much greater than you’d think possible from a collection of fabric scraps.

  • ADA accessible
  • Trained guides available
  • Located on private land

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