Living Rock Studio

  • 911 W. Bishop Way (Oregon State Hwy 228), Brownsville, OR 97327
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The unique Living Rock Studio celebrates the beauty, natural wonders, history and geological diversity of its “Over the River and through the Woods Scenic Byway” location. Visionary artist Howard Taylor and his family have welcomed visitors for the last 23 years.  More than 800 tons of Oregon stone went into this artistic semi-circular structure with a two-story petrified wood tree at its center.  Thin sliced agates and rocks are fitted together to make intricate translucent pictures.  Life-sized hawks and eagles soar.  Logging history is illustrated by 32 paintings and text.  Hand-carved wood specimans represent 100 trees of this awesome region.  Pioneer artifacts have their own stories.

Few visitors to the Living Rock Studios leave with out learning more about the area.  The Taylors’ goal is to show each new generation some of the natural and cultural history of Oregon and pass on respect and wonder.  That new knowledge enhances visitors’ desire to experience, protect and preserve the beauty around us, and to gather their own memories and histories, and preserve them. 

  • ADA accessible
  • Trained guides available
  • Visitor center
  • Interpretive signage
  • Located on private land

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