Kitson Hot Springs / Camp Huntington

Kitson Hot Springs was once privately owned by Dave Kitson, who was introducted to it by local Native Americans.  He built cabins on the property, and folks from Eugene would ride the train to Oakridge, then take a horse-and-buggy ride out on a dirt road some 10 miles deeper into the forest to soak in the spring water.  While the water was best known for its healing properties, people also bathed in it and drank it. Eventually a bath house was built, with private soaking tubs.   After receiving the 160 acres of this wild mountain wilderness donation from the Huntington/Beckman families, the Boy Scouts of America re-named it Camp Huntington and Beckman Tree Farm.  Today, the site formerly known as Kitson Hot Springs  is accessible only through the Boy Scouts.

  • Located on private land
  • Access restricted to Boy Scout members
  • Fee required

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