Imperial Stock Ranch

The Imperial Stock Ranch has been operating continuously since 1871, producing sheep, cattle, grains and hay. Established as an 160-acre homestead claim, it grew to become Oregon’s largest individually owned land and stock holding.  Designated a National Historic District, the ranch headquarters is an ongoing working example of the heart of the big ranching empires of the American West.  The Imperial Stock ranch holds all that’s beautiful in Oregon’s interior, with a sagebrush- and bunchgrass-covered landscape cut by deep canyons framed with rimrock.  Perennial streams and springs bubble forth, supporting not only the herds of cattle and sheep, but abundant populations of deer, elk, antelope, upland game birds and trout.  There are also plenty of coyotes and mountain lions, and an occasional bear.

The Imperial Stock Ranch has been a leader throughout its history.  Its hallmarks have included diversification, early crossbreeding of sheep breeds in the 1880s and land management practices in recent decades that have returned salmon to the creeks.  Creative marketing since the late 1990s has put it at the leading edge of the “gate to plate” food movement, and also includes a line of wool yarns and apparel produced entirely within the region.  A visit to the Imperial Stock Ranch might include a walk through the historic buildings still in use today, a hike into early Native American sites, or a tour of some of the many homestead cabins.  Or perhaps just a visit to the Hinton House, the showpiece of the empire, and a little shopping in the Imperial Yarn Shop.

  • ADA accessible
  • Fee required
  • Guided tours available
  • Visitor center on site
  • Located on private land

Local Visionaries

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