Fort Rock State Park

Fort Rock is exactly what its name implies: it’s a rock formation that resembles a fort. Rising out of the aird and flat landscape, it’s visible from miles in every direction. It was near here that the oldest human shoes ever found (a pair of reed sandals estimated to be more than 10,000 years old) were discovered in a cave.

Fort Rock is a great place to explore, and to take kids. Nearly every day you can see a bald eagle or a golden eagle sitting on a fence post or a telephone pole, checking out the surroundings. Kids love to pick up all the critter bones and feathers dropped by all the native bird species that live in the rock enclosure. There are trails on the inside of the bowl, and you can also hike the outside. Scramlbing to the rim of one of the tall sides of the formation provides unparalleled views. There are picnic tables and a park host. This is one of many truly remarkable and fascinating spots in our beautiful state.

  • ADA accessible
  • Visitor center nearby
  • Trained guides available
  • Interpretive signage

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