Dee Wright Observatory

The Dee Wright Observatory has gorgeous views of many volcanoes of the Oregon Cascades, and is situated in the center of a lava field as an ideal location for viewing various cinder cones, volcanoes and other points of interest. Viewpoints from inside the observatory include holes in the wall that are positioned to frame named peaks and recognizable features. Atop the observatory is a distance finder to allow visitors to know how far each peak of interest is from them. This is a must-visit location for many local residents every year.

The structure was completed in 1935 of lava rock from the surrounding lava fields by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The location is named after the foreman of the project, Dee Wright. The location provides an educational experience due to the historical aspect of the location as well as a geographical education by simply showing the surrounding mountains individually through each viewing port. Interpretive panels tell the history and of the visitors of the area.

  • Seasonal availability, July to November
  • Interpretive signage

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