Covered Bridges of South Douglas County

An estimated 450 covered bridges were built in Oregon between 1905 and 1925. By 1977 that number had dwindled to 56. Today there are only 50 covered bridges in Oregon that were designed or built for vehicular traffic. While most of Oregon’s remaining covered bridges are being well maintained and, hopefully, preserved for years to come, it is likely that over time there will be fewer of them to visit.

Three of the remaining 50 covered bridges in Oregon are located in South Douglas County within easy driving distance of Interstate 5. Since each bridge is unique and distinctly different in design, construction and size, visiting them can be both a historical and educational experience. One, the Myrtle Creek/Horse Creek bridge, was listed on the National Historic Register prior to relocation. Another, the South Myrtle Creek/Neal Lane bridge, is one of the shortest (42′ long) covered bridges in Oregon. The third, the South Umpqua River/Milo Academy bridge, is Oregon’s only steel bridge housed in wood. These covered bridges are part of Oregon’s rich history and relate directly to the importance of the timber industry to Douglas County.

  • Some interpretive signage
  • ADA accessible
  • Located on both public and private land
  • Visitor center nearby

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