Clear Lake

Clear Lake, the source of the famous McKenzie River, was formed more than 3,000 years ago when volcanic lava flow blocked a stream bed. The spring-fed lake is exceptionally clear, with visibility to the bottom more than 100 feet down in some spots – with the ghostly trunks of cold-preserved trees rising from the bottom. The lake is kept in pristine condition by limiting boat traffic to muscle power only.  There are very few contaminants introduced into the lake, keeping it clear and ecologically sound.

The SCUBA diving in Clear Lake is amazing.  Clear Lake is known to be one of the most exceptional freshwater diving spots in the United States.  There is so much natural beauty to experience, with breathtaking visibility. Although it is considered a high-altitude dive (elev 3,012 feet), the average dive depth is 40 feet, offering easy access to most divers.  This is a must dive for anyone wanting to experience Caribbean-clear diving without having to travel outside the country.

  • ADA accessible
  • Visitor center on site
  • Interpretive signage

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