Cascade Alpacas of Oregon

At Cascade Alpacas you can visit a working ranch and meet friendly alpacas and their newest babies. Find out what it is like to make a living raising alpacas. See fleeces, roving, yarn, and knitted and woven products made from alpacas. See a spinning demonstration. Learn how alpaca ranchers in the U.S. process their alpaca fiber and make it into products. A full-service yarn shop on the ranch specializes in natural fibers for spinning, knitting, crocheting and weaving. And everyone enjoys meeting these intelligent and gentle animals. Enjoy a spectacular view of historic Dukes Valley, which is located between Mt. Hood and Mt Adams.

Alpacas are now classified as livestock and are environmentally friendly. Their split lips allow them to crop the grass closely without damaging it. Their padded feet and toenails are easy on the pastures. Their fiber is mechanically processed without chemicals, unlike sheep’s wool. Alpacas come in 22 colors, so more and more distributors are producing alpaca yarn without dyes, which is labeled “ecologically friendly.”

  • Located on private land
  • Trained guides available

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