Breitenbush Hot Springs

The Breitenbush community carefully stewards the land that encompasses the geothermal location.  They utilize the geothermal energy, construct buildings that are fitting and unobtrusive, and maintain a system of trails.  There are many facets to the educational experience at Breitenbush.  Many workshops and classes are provided for learning about/nurturing one’s spirit and body. Signage informs visitors about the unique nature of the geothermal features and the associated geology.

Breitenbush is a wonderful location and community.  There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating then enjoying hot springs in a superb natural area.  There are many amenities that make Breitenbush a perfect destination including cabins, lodge and a variety of classes.

  • Located on private land
  • Fee required
  • Interpretive signage
  • Visitor center on site

Sculpted by Water, Fire and Ice

The Central Cascades has seven themes that help to define the character of the region. This location is an example of Sculpted by Water, Fire and Ice. Here are more locations that exemplify this theme:

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