Boundary Springs

Boundary Springs is the source of the legendary Rogue River, an incredible salmonid and whitewater recreation resource and famed locale of Zane Grey novels.  Just inside the northern boundary of Crater Lake National Park, the river literally leaps from the ground, fully formed as an ice-cold, crystal-clear, high-mountain stream replete with a small waterfall.  A beautiful old-growth mixed-conifer forest and meadows surround the spring.

Visitors to the site will experience a transition from dry, open lodgepole pine stands to a dense mixed-conifer, high-Cascade environment as they travel from the trailhead near Highway 230.  Moss-covered rocks and fallen trees fill the river in the upper reaches, adding to its lushness but also enhancing the sense of softness and silence experienced when immersed in the mature forests of this eco-region.  The area surrounding the springs is the essence of the concept that gave birth to the name for this mountain range: The Cascades.

  • Seasonal accessibility (based on snowpack)
  • Visitor center nearby
  • Trained guides available
  • Interpretive materials

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