Avenue of the Boulders

The Avenue of the Boulders provides visual information as to the power of volcanic eruptions and the strength of water flows.  These boulders were thrown all the way from Mt. Mazama- more than 20 miles distant – when it erupted 7,700 years ago and created the caldera now known as Crater Lake.

This section of the upper Rogue River is relatively flat and gentle above here,  then crosses under the Mill Creek Drive Bridge (what was at one time a covered bridge), and drops rapidly into the Gorge. The view from the bridge encompasses the Rogue’s roaring waters (in spring) with Mt. McLoughlin in the distance. A trail north of the river is a view from a 100-foot-tall cliff. Trails south of the bridge wind you down into the boulders. Viewing old photos – available at the Prospect Historic Hotel (just 1/4 mile away), one can see the impact of the power of the Rogue River. Several huge boulders that are in the historic photos have moved a considerable distance downstream.

  • ADA accessible
  • Trained guides available
  • Visitor center nearby (Prospect Hotel)
  • Located on both public and private property

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