Applegate Trail Interpretive Center Museum

What was it like to come to Oregon in a wagon train?  Why is Jesse Applegate regarded as one of Oregon’s first statesmen?  What was the geopolitical import of the Applegate Trail? This stop, easily found off I-5, teaches Oregon history, pioneer history and lifestyle, and the sheer brawn needed to survive in the one of the world’s great migrations.  One cannot understand Oregon history without learning the Oregon story as it applies to the Applegate Trail.  The sheer volume of artifacts, the stories and journals, are exceptional – and the pioneer movie allows the visitor to sit back and imagine what it must have been like on the trail.

This is one of top, most comprehensive pioneer museums in Oregon.  This museum takes experiential tourism to another level as patrons have access to a vast selection of pioneer artifacts and education. 

  • Visitor center on site
  • Guided tours available
  • Interpretive signage
  • Fee required
  • ADA accessible
  • Located on private land

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