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  1. Lost Creek Lake Trail

    The 30-mile trail around Lost Creek Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the state.  There are breathtaking views of the lake and hillsides, sweeping meadows of flowing grass and flowers, and the smell of warm oak trees. A portion of the trail…

    Location: 100 Cole M. Rivers Drive, Trail, OR 97541
  2. McDowell Creek Falls County Park

    Nestled in the Cascade Foothills, McDowell Creek is a wonderful place to visit year-round. Enjoy beautiful vistas of three distinct waterfalls along the three miles of hiking trails. Royal Terrace and Majestic Falls can be enjoyed from the bridges and viewing decks along the trails…

    Location: Lebanon, OR
  3. Miller Lake

    Miller Lake is far removed from urban areas, and therefore is rarely crowded. Yet it’s easily reachable with a car. The Digit Point campground is a great camping spot. Miller Lake is a key habitat for the Miller Lake lamprey, a species once thought to be…

    Location: Forest Service Road 9772, Chemult, OR 97731
  4. Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve

    Mounds upon mounds, most six-to-eight-feet tall, spread uniformly across hundreds of prairie acres, creating an otherworldly effect whose origins are yet understood. Follow the interpretive trail and ponder the mysterious landscape for yourself.  Birders will find plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing at this preserve. The…

    Location: Waddell Creek Road, Littlerock, WA 98556
  5. Minto-Brown Island Park

    Minto-Brown Island is a 900-acre park just two to three minutes from Salem, a major metropolitan area.  This park dedicates acres of crops to feed wildlife. The nature area is great for bird watching (geese, heron, eagles) as well as hiking and bicycling. The park encourages wildlife preservation…

    Location: 2200 Minto Island Road, Salem, OR 97302
  6. Mount Rainier National Park

    Mount Rainier is a regional icon a major destination in the Central Cascades area.  Mount Rainier National Park offers excellent opportunities for scenic drives, hiking, and mountain climbing. Mountain roads provide stunning views and access to a variety of hiking trails and other sites.  Because…

  7. Mount St. Helens Visitor Center

    Built in the architectural mode known as Cascade style, the Silver Lake visitor center won a design award from President Ronald Reagan in 1988. Its large windows and sweeping, upward lines contribute to the feeling of magnificence surrounding the mountain. Inside, visitors may enjoy a variety…

    Location: 3029 Spirit Lake Hwy, Silver Lake, WA 98611
  8. Mount Tahoma Trails

    Mount Tahoma Trails is a 50 mile hut-to-hut no fee cross-country ski and snowshoe trail system as well as mountain bike trail system. The trails are operated by the Tahoma State Forest and private forestland by the non-profit Mount Tahoma Trails Association and operated by…

    Location: WA State Route 706, Ashford, WA 98304
  9. Mt. Adams

    Least visited of the major Central Cascade Peaks, Mt. Adams is considered the “forgotten giant.” Wildlife, wide areas, and quiet are equally abundant. The steep, 1.4-mile climb to “Sleeping Beauty” rewards with expansive views from an old fire lookout. Visit and learn about the local…

    Location: Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Trout Lake, WA 98650
  10. Mt. Hood Adventure

    Mt. Hood Adventure exists to share the history and interpretive aspects of Government Camp as well as to venture into the Mt. Hood National Forest to ensure people get a wide variety of information, memories and sights when they visit the area.  Partnerships and permits…

    Location: 88335 East Government Camp Loop, government Camp, OR 97028
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